Hialeah fest

Hialeah Fest 2019 - Saturday September 7 @ Churchill's Pub
5501 NE 2nd Ave, Miami. More info coming soon including raffles, schedule, etc.
Facebook Event Page Here. Proceeds go to Manos Internacional

Miami New Times Article
Miami Herald Article
The Jitney Article

Time Jupina Stage Materva Stage Malta Hatuey Stage
9:00PM-9:30PM   Sunslip  
9:30PM-9:45PM The Deadly Blank    
9:45PM-10PM   The Summit  
10PM-10:15PM Medina    
10:15PM-10:30PM   Brute  
10:30PM-10:45PM Stereo Joule    
10:45PM-11PM   Nekromaniak  
11PM-11:15PM Electric Piquete    
11:15PM-11:30PM   Electric Supply Co.  
11:30PM-11:45PM H-om   Nag Champayons
11:45PM-12:00AM   The Brand
12:00AM-12:15AM Afrobeta  
12:15AM-12:30AM   Humbert
12:30AM-12:45AM Pawnshop Drunks  
12:45AM-1:00AM   Lori Garrote
1:00AM-1:15AM Dama Vicke  
1:15AM-1:30AM   Laboratory
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